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There’s HUGE Demand for this Computer Skill

July 26th, 2017 Mike Gecawich

Data Management

It may not sound too hot, but for anyone in Silicon Valley “Big data” is the it phrase right now.

That’s because databases are at the core of all websites (especially blogs and e-commerce) and computer programming in general.

“Big data” is a term to refer to large and complex data sets that data scientists analyze to reveal patterns and trends relating to human behavior and interactions. These data sets are stored in a database.

Within databases, information is organized in rows, columns, and tables so that it can be easily accessed, managed, and updated.

A database might be used to collect hospital records of patients, inventory for a distribution center, or sales transactions for a business.   

Whether it’s as a data scientist or a database manager, anyone who knows how to effectively manage and manipulate data is in high demand in today’s job market. And this demand is only likely to increase in the future!

What are we doing as a country to prepare our students to fill these roles? Data management courses are starting to make their way into traditional classrooms, but not at a rate that is fast enough to supply the tremendous need that exists for data experts.

At the moment, our country faces a significant shortage of qualified data scientists (a position with a starting salary of around $110,000).

Teaching Data Management Skills in the Classroom

So why not give students a head start on a very lucrative and in-demand career? Unfortunately, many existing data science courses are extremely technical and VERY boring. This might dissuade many students from studying data management.

Alternatively, you can spark an interest in the subject of data management by helping students become familiar with databases in a language they understand and with topics that are relevant to them.

With iAdacemy’s course AccessIt!, 2E, students can learn database skills through 35 web-based activities that use teen and pop culture themes.

Through these interactive activities, students learn to use Microsoft Access in order to create, manipulate, and analyze information from databases.

The sequential progression of skills taught in each activity will allow students to build confidence in using Access and work their way up to an advanced understanding of the application.

Sure, data management may not be for everyone, but by introducing teens to the valuable skill in a fun way, students are more likely to discover if big data may be a passion of theirs.

And if it is, they’ll benefit from learning the basics early so they’re ready for the challenging career that awaits them!


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