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7 Things Students Need to Be Prepared for the Workplace

July 6th, 2018 Mike Gecawich

Teachers know that no two students are alike.

Kids have different interests, learning styles, strengths, and weaknesses.

It’s no wonder then that in a classroom full of students, they’ll each have a different idea of what their dream job would be.

How can teachers help prepare students for the workplace when one student wants to be an architect, and another a police chief?

Regardless of what field students choose to work in, they’ll need to successfully market their strengths, their ideas, and their desires in order to make the most of the work world.

Read on for 7 skills that will help students do just this.

Applying for Jobs

Before you can be successful at your dream job, you have to find it.

Students need to learn how to find jobs that interest them, and how to assess if they’re a good fit for a particular position.

Often times, just the process of learning to search for jobs will open students eyes to types of work that they hadn’t considered before.

Crafting a Resume

Without extensive work experience, high school students tend to be befuddled by the idea of a resume.

Learning to write a resume before you have a ton of experience is actually useful. This way, students can get the formatting and details perfect without too much content on the page.

Then, as students gain more experience, they’ll have an already made template that they just need to add to.

Rocking the Interview

Interviews are intimidating, no matter how old you are.

For high schoolers, they can be extra scary.

That said, with a little practice and preparation, students can gain the confidence and poise that they need to give any interview their best.

Consider staging mock interviews as a great way for students to practice and observe one another.

Navigating Word Processing

A lot has changed in technology over the years, but one thing that seems to remain a constant is the need for word processing skills.

Students need to know their way around a word document and be confident using all of the features at their disposal.

From inserting SmartArt graphics to formatting columns, knowing how to use all the bells and whistles of Microsoft Word will help students create polished and professional documents regardless of their field.

Using Mail Merge

Success in the workplace isn’t just about doing good work. It requires doing good work efficiently.

One of the most popular tools for speeding up workplace communication? Mail merge!

This tool streamlines the process of communicating with numerous people all at once while still sending personalized correspondence.

It’s a little tricky to master, but a piece of cake once you’ve got it.

Citing Sources

Teachers drill students on the importance of including citations in their writing.

Guess what? This need doesn’t go away when they get to the workplace.

It’s careless (and sometimes illegal) to include someone else’s ideas in your work without giving them due credit.

Getting into the habit of proper citations will save students plenty of headaches throughout their career.

Market Your Ideas

There are plenty of different mediums through which professionals market their ideas.

Newsletters, catalogs, and flyers are just a few of these.

In order to effectively use these formats, students need to have the technical skills to create, edit, and design with confidence.

They also need the softer skills of choosing content, graphics, and the appropriate medium to fit their purpose and audience.

Bringing It All Together

With these seven skills, students will be ready to tackle many of the challenges they’re likely to face in finding, landing, and rocking a first job.

At iAcademy, we’ve created one fun tool to help students learn all of this and more: Marketing in the Real World.

Through this interactive online course, students master all of the above skills through the guise of working in a marketing firm.

With over 20 lessons students learn, practice, and review important workplace skills that will stick with them for years to come, regardless of where they want to work.

Give it a try today!


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