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Teachers today might feel like students are practically born with a smartphone in their hands. Kids as young as second grade are texting, engaging in social media, and toting cell phones around in their pockets. Given how embedded technology is in childhood these days, one might assume that using the internet is an innate skill. Think again. Sure, students know...

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As a business education teacher, it's not rare to find me complaining about how social media and texting culture have degraded proper writing. From emoji-studded emails to slang-ridden essays, the offenses are numerous and often atrocious. Nonetheless, social media platforms are crucial forms of communication for students to master. And given the prevalence of social media in business, it's more...

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Technology has changed just about every aspect of our lives. We participate in video conferences, do our shopping online, and even hail taxis with our phones. It’s no surprise then, that technology has also changed the way we apply for jobs. Long gone are the days of scanning the classifieds page of the newspaper for help wanted ads. Instead, today’s...

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A few years ago the only place you had to worry about reading fake news was in line at the grocery store where you could always count on an array of tabloid magazines trying to top one another with the craziest headlines. Now, though, in a world where most of our information comes from the internet, readers need to be...

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