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Why Project Based Learning is Crucial in CTE

October 4th, 2017 Mike Gecawich

When’s the last time you ever had to complete a worksheet for your job?

Or take a multiple choice quiz?

Chances are, probably never.

If we want to prepare students for the professional world beyond high school, we should give them work that mimics the types of tasks they’ll encounter in the workplace.

From this concept, the idea of Project Based Learning was born.

What is Project Based Learning?

In traditional classrooms, teachers fill students’ days with small disconnected tasks and assessments that test their knowledge of discrete concepts or skills.

Instead, why not give students authentic projects that require them to use both technical and soft skills to succeed?

While the benefits of Project Based Learning are evident regardless of the setting, this style of teaching can be especially effective in Business Education.

In business, you rarely work on one discrete task doesn’t relate to the rest of your work.

People who are most successful in the business world are able to multi-task, manage multiple deliverables at once, and manage their time on longer projects. And Project Based Learning can help students practice all of these skills!

For all its merits, though, Project Based Learning can be difficult for teachers to manage and is full of ups and downs due to its unpredictable nature.

Students who are used to smaller scale assignments might be reluctant to jump into a larger project filled with unknowns.

Luckily, iAcademy makes teaching with projects easy with comprehensive online projects.

Incorporating Project Based Learning in the CTE Classroom

Through simulations that include a number of interconnected activities, students master different skills to come up with a final product.

For example, in Burger Shack students assume the role of a graphic designer working for a hamburger restaurant.

Through 25 related activities, students develop their graphic design skills within the context of the restaurant industry. All the while, they’re working to build their graphic design portfolio.

Apart from being engaging for students, iAcademy simulations also make Project Based Learning easy for teachers.

You can easily assign deadlines, check on overdue assignments, and assess submissions from one centralized platform.

With iAcademy’s courses, you get all the benefits of project based learning without the stress.


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