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5 Reasons Why Your CTE Students Should be Learning Photoshop

April 18th, 2018 Mike Gecawich

Just because you can snap a photo of a sunset on your smartphone does not make you a photographer.

Likewise, just because you can apply a premade Instagram filter doesn’t mean you know the first thing about photo editing.

Smartphones have helped make amateur photography and photo editing commonplace.

In a professional setting, though, there are plenty of valuable uses of photo editing skills that go beyond what you can do on your phone.

Adobe Photoshop is easily the most well-known photo editing tool on the market.

While the idea of using Photoshop might be intimidating, that doesn’t mean that it should be avoided.

There are plenty of useful and practical reasons why all students can benefit from learning the basics of photo editing with this powerful software.

Read on for 5 perks you may not have thought of.

1. Teach Visual Problem Solving

When we talk about “problem-solving” we often have a tendency to think strictly about math class.

The truth of the matter is, though, that students encounter problems that require critical thinking in every academic subject and their personal lives too.

This can also be said for visual subjects such as photography. When students are tasked with a challenge to improve the composition of a photo or create a more visually appealing logo, they need to use visual problem solving to reach a final product.

What’s even more exciting, is that you’re bound to find that some of your more reluctant students with other skills thrive in a visual environment.

2. Add a Communication Tool to Your Toolbelt

There is no 21st-century skill that is more valuable than communication.

While written and verbal communication get all the attention, visual communication should not be overlooked. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

There are more and less effective ways to communicate visually, and through learning how to navigate Photoshop, students will gain this understanding.

3. Create Marketing Materials

Beyond just communicating information, in the 21st century it’s increasingly important that individuals can sell their ideas.

Even if your students don’t want to work in marketing, that doesn’t make the marketing of ideas irrelevant.

Pitching a new solution to your boss, applying for a grant, or submitting a project proposal are tasks that occur across nearly all career fields, and are tasks that can be enhanced by effective Photoshop skills.

4. Become More Competitive in All Sectors

Photoshop isn’t just useful for digital photographers or graphic designers.

More and more, employers are finding that employees with Photoshop experience are an asset to the company.

Whether drafting up promotional materials, designing a website, or adding images to a presentation, there are plenty of ways that Photoshop-savvy individuals can add value to an organization.

5. Boost Creativity

Creativity is hugely important. When it comes to typing and tech literacy, though, there are instances where we need students to follow a specific format or procedure.

In Photoshop, however, there isn’t one right answer.

Students need to learn the principles of photo editing and how to use the tools. After that they have a great degree of creative freedom.

Teaching Photoshop in Your Class

So just how should teachers approach teaching software that is as complex and open ended as Photoshop?

This question can be particularly daunting for teachers who are not Photoshop experts themselves.

Luckily, iAcademy recently added a new course, Introduction to Photoshop, that does all the hard work and planning for you.

Through this web based class, students become Photoshop experts as they create their own digital scrapbooks.

The course includes 22 sequentially organized activities that teach students key Photoshop skills with room for creativity.

The course also has several review activities to help kids practice skills they’ve already mastered, and extension activities for students who move more quickly through the lessons.

Not only will your students love this fun break from the routine, but they’ll also be learning an important tech skill that can help them in nearly any professional field they pursue.

You might even find that you want to take the class alongside them!


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