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This past week I've been at the New York State Business Teachers' Association meeting, where I viewed a LOT of presentations. While some presentations were absolutely incredible, there were some that were a bit off-beat. The worst featured over twenty-five slides of tiny font. Even in the front row, I had to strain my eyes to try to read them....

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Imagine having one application that could help your students manage their schedules, budgets, commitments, and personal goals. It would almost be like having a personal secretary at their fingertips. Well, with just a bit of practice, spreadsheets can do all this and more! Spreadsheets can be frustrating and intimidating to students if they don’t know how to use them well....

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If you’ve ever watched students write a document on Microsoft Word for the first time, it’s pretty humorous. You are bound to see students writing in a rainbow of colors and fonts, with unconventional margins and absolutely no sense appropriate spacing. And once they’ve finished their jumbled and imperfect document, they don’t have the slightest clue how to save it....

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Data Management It may not sound too hot, but for anyone in Silicon Valley "Big data" is the it phrase right now. That's because databases are at the core of all websites (especially blogs and e-commerce) and computer programming in general. “Big data” is a term to refer to large and complex data sets that data scientists analyze to reveal...

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